My Life: Iceland

There is one particularly place where I always wanted to visit. On Monday 10th March 2014 I got my wish and journeyed to Iceland.  

Day 1: Monday 10th March 2014
At exactly 4:00am my alarm went off and I woke up to complete darkness. No matter as my exhaustion was lessened from my excitement. Well kind off. I was shattered to be honest with you.
  After a three hours flight my mum and I landed in Reykjavik. Yes we had been told that Iceland is cold in the winter months, but not this cold. It was pouring with rain, and snow was all along the ground. We did not mind too much as that adds to the magical experience of travelling to a Nordic island such as this.
  The day was mainly spent exploring the city. I noticed that it is not part of their custom to accept any tips. So when you go out to eat and get given big portions of food, as shown in the photograph, they do not expect you to give them extra money for this service. So that means you can keep back some of those Krona for other activities. Trust me you need them.

Iceland has big food portions

Day 2: Tuesday 11th March 2014
Tuesday was certainly a highlight for the trip.
  In the morning we went on a Geothermal Helicopter Tour. We were taken up in the skies, away from the city and into the snow and glowing larva fields. The scenery was stunning. This is especially the case as there were only five of us there. Yes, just the pilot, a couple from Toronto, and us.
  Usually for this tour you get about an hour of flying and the helicopter lands once. For some reason we had to two stops. The second stop involved landing on a mountain which had a view of the snowy landscape, the water and of the city. It was here my mum and I witnessed the engagement of the Toronto couple. What a place do it.

The first stop as part the of Geothermal Helicopter Tour
Day 3: Wednesday 12th March 2014
On the morning of Wednesday we went to The Blue Lagoon. This a geothermal spa located in a lava field in south western Iceland. It might have been raining but we could not feel it pelting on our heads as we were too busy bathing in the hot springs.
  I have always dreamed of seeing the Aurora Borealis, best known as the Northern Lights. As it rained all day it was uncertain whether the skies would be clear enough to see them. Despite this our tour guide insisted the trip would go ahead. We had a thirty minute drive out of the city and were taken to a field. We waited for the displays to happen. And guess what? They did. It was incredible.
  Unfortunately my non-high functional camera was not able to pick the lights up. So we gave my email address to some of the others tourist so they could send me snaps. As you can see they did. The person in the photograph is actually me.
  Weirdly enough as we arrived back to our hotel, the Northern Lights appeared just outside. It was like they were shining just for us.

Jake Borrett standing behind the Northern Lights

Day 4: Thursday 13th March 2014
Our final day was dedicated to a popular tourist route called ‘The Golden Circle’. From this we stopped at three particular places. This being the poetical beautiful national park rift valley called ‘Thingvellier’. Then we moved onto the sheer wonder of the waterfall called Gullfoss, translated as ‘Golden Falls’. Our final stop, as shown in the video, was at the geothermally active valley of Haunadalur, home to the geysers Geysir and Stokkur. This all was brilliant of course.
  This was all completed before we sat down to our last meal. This being lobster, something which I have never tried before. It was tasty but was not cheap in price.

Day 5: Friday 14th March 2014
On Friday we had to say goodbye to the wonder that is Iceland. It was a place which I always wanted to go, and am so grateful that I have now been.

This ‘My Life Article’ does not emphasise enough how elegant the country is and how friendly everyone was. Yes of course it is expensive and the weather is constantly changing every five minutes, but this does not stop it from being magnificent. So if ever get chance to go there, no matter how long for, I suggest you do. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much Iceland.

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  1. It looks like you had a nice time in Iceland Jake
    That's somewhere I hope to go one day