Stunning YouTube Videos (1): April Edition

Warning: May Contain Adult Content

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Hey everyone! Jake here!
After what seems like a rather scary introduction let us begin.

I thought it would be an interesting idea to try something different on the writing blog. So I have come up with a new feature named ‘Stunning YouTube Videos’. These sets of blog entries will look at videos across the web that have caught my attention over the last month.

So without further delay here is my selection for April.

Video 1: ‘The Public Rape Experiment’ by fouseyTube
Have you heard of the remarkable YouTube Artist called fouseyTube?
To be honest I only discovered his channel over the last few months, but since then I have been a regularly viewer. It is no wonder as he creates outstanding sketches, hilarious pranks and shocking experiments, all to challenge the way we perceive society and to strive for a real change for the benefit of others.

His latest video is all about the taboo subject of rape. It is so delicately created as it blends a powerfully emotive story from a victim with a scenario to see how members of the public would react if they believed someone was being assaulted in a public toilet. Whilst ‘The Public Rape Experiment’ may seem controversial I personally commend Yousef Erakat for having the courage to stand up for a change in our society.

Please do watch and share this video. It will certainly leave an impact on your day.

Copyright © 2014- by fouseyTube. All rights reserved.

Video 2: ‘Facebook in Real Life’ by C4LV1N0
Most of you reading this would know what Facebook is. Yes that massive social networking site where you can send messages to people, like pages and literally explore a wilderness of information. Have you ever wondered what Facebook would be like in real life? Well now you can find out thanks to an excellent video by Calvin Sang on his account ‘C4LV1N0’.

I have certainly watched this video many times because it is entertaining, funny and surprisingly creepy in places. Yes those are all the ingredients which work well in a video like this. To be honest I am surprised that this video does not have that many views. So why not have a look?

Copyright © 2013- by C4LV1N0. All rights reserved.

Video 3: ‘“Choosing happiness” when suffering from depression’ by ThoughtLibrary
According to The World Health Organisation, it is estimated that about 121 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. It is a mental health issue which is often overlooked but can have such a devastating impact on somebody’s wellbeing.

A new YouTube page called the ThoughtLibrary has been set up to discuss issues which have often been silenced or misunderstood. ‘“Choosing happiness” when suffering from depression’ is an insightful and motivating video that explores what it means to keep a positive outlook when suffering from depression. Please do have a look and see what you think.

Copyright © 2014- by ThoughtLibrary. All rights reserved. 


I have to say a massive thank you to all three YouTubers who have created such stunning videos. If you enjoyed them, why not subscribe to their pages?

So could your video be featured next time? Well you have to wait and see on the next edition in May.

Until then, thanks everyone!


  1. I love this new feature! Those are an awesome selection of videos

  2. fouseyTube is inspirational so that was a good choice