Melody Delilah (Scene 3)

Melody Delilah (Scene 3)

Script Key
Name: The character who is talking
[italics]: The stage directions
---: The interruptions in speech

Cast List for Scene 3
The following is the cast list of the speaking parts in my script:
Melody Delilah
Class Boy 1
Class Boy 2
Class Girl 1
Class Girl 2
Female Science Teacher

                                                            Area Three ‘School Trip’

Part One: Secondary School
In a secondary school classroom in Hitchin, one week later.
The class is decorated with photographs of animals, science posters and of students’ work on the periodic table. Books are stacked neatly near the teachers’ desk. The Female Science Teacher stands at the front of the class. Her pupils gather at the back of the class working on a science investigation. Melody Delilah talks to some of her fellow class members.

Melody (quietly) Guys do you want to know a secret?

Class Boy 1: What kind of secret?

Class Boy 2: Yeah of course. What is it Melody?

Melody: Well there is a gorilla at Bedfordshire Zoo that talks. He’s call---

The group which Melody is talking to laugh.

Class Girl 1: Don’t be ridiculous.

Class Boy 2 (laughing): Yeah sure there is Melody.

Melody: Why don’t you believe me?

Class Girl 1: Because everyone knows that gorillas can’t talk especially to us humans. See that poster on the wall there.

Class Girl points to the gorilla poster.

It states that---

Melody (interrupting): ---Oh shut up. You don’t know anything.

Class Girl 2: That’s harsh Mels. 

Class Boy 1: Okay Sherlock, prove it.

Melody: Okay I will.

Class Girl 1 (sarcastically): How are you going to do that? Are you going to wave your magic wand so he magically appears?

Melody: Now who’s being silly?

Girl Boy 2: You are.

Melody: Just listen up you twerps. I’ve hired a bus to take us to the zoo at 3:15. Then I’ll prove who’s ridiculous.

Class Boy 1: It’ll still be you.

Class Boy 2: I have to see this.

Class Girl 1: Right you’re on.

The Female Science Teacher noticing the chat at the back of the classroom.

Female Science Teacher: Melody and co, can you please get on with your work?

Melody (to Female Science Teacher): Sorry Miss. (to the group): 3:15, you’ll see.

I've hired a bus to take us to the zoo at 3:15...Copyright © 2009- O'Dea. All rights reserved.

Part Two: School Bus
Melody and co leave school at 3:00pm. Class Boy 1 however remains behind then re-joins them on the bus.

Melody: What kept you?

Class Boy 1: Oh nothing much. I forgot my iPhone.

Melody: Oh right….Right everyone, we’ll be taken to Bedfordshire Zoo to see the gorilla. Are we all ready?

Class Boy 2 (laughing): Of course. This is going to be sick.

Class Boy 1 (to Class Boy Two): Yeah…but not in a good way. Oh poor Melody is going nuts.

Part Three: Bedfordshire Zoo
Melody leads the group to The Ape and Monkey Habitat where Brongo is located. No one else seems to be around. Melody stands in front of the gorilla cage whilst the others stand behind her. Brongo faces the teenagers.

Melody (pointing at Brongo): Can you see this gorilla? This is Brongo.

Class Boy 1: Yes we can see him.

The four teenagers laugh. Brongo notices them laughing and Melody appears annoyed.

Melody: Just ignore them Brongo and focus on me. I have prepared some questions to ask you so I can get to know you better.

Class Girl 1 (to the others): This should be good.

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