A Bitter Taste

                                                                    A Bitter Taste

Script Key
Name: The character who is talking
[italics]: The stage directions
---: The interruptions in speech

Cast List
The following is the cast list of the speaking parts in my script:
Scott: The Waiter
Gentleman: The Stranger
Manager: The Cafe Manager

The following depicts the theatre drama script:

A modern cafe is displayed. The surroundings are welcoming and lively. The place has the usual tables, chairs, soft padded red booths, and clearly presented menus hanging on the walls and upon the seating areas. Although at the back of the cafe one window has been covered to provide shade from the blazing heat on this summer afternoon.
  At one of the shaded tables on the right hand-corner is a gentleman. He sits alone. He is his late forties. He dresses in a dark grey suit with a black tie. On in his table lays an alcoholic beverage, a pad of paper and a black fountain pen.
  Serving the tables is a young waiter named Scott. He is in his mid-twenties, wears the required uniform and carries around a pen and a pad of paper to take customer orders.
 Observing the area is the café manager. He is in his mid-forties. He wears a well-groomed business outfit.
 Scott walks towards the unnamed gentleman and the action starts.

Scott: Excuse me sir. Is there anything you would like to order?

Gentleman [looks up from his note pad in order to gaze at Scott]: Oh hello there. Well as you can see young man, I am sitting alone on a hot Friday afternoon. I could do with some company if you don’t mind? You see I’m not having a good day.

Scott [earnestly] I would like to, honestly I would, but you see the cafe is busy at the moment and I doubt the manager would allow me to have a break at this point.

Gentleman [sombrely]: I understand that.

[The Manager, who has been following the conversation, comes over.]

Manager: Don’t worry Scott, we have got this covered. Take a break so you can please this gentleman. [To Gentleman.] Sir, are you sure you don’t want anything more to eat or drink? We have some lovely cakes on offer.

Gentleman: I’m quite sure thank you, but I may be tempted later.

[Scott puts his writing pad and pen in his trouser pocket and sits down on the chair opposite to the Gentleman. The manager goes back to overseeing the cafe without paying attention to their discussion.]

Gentleman: I must say that I am very grateful for this. I just got fired at the office just over the road. I didn’t get paid too much and it wasn’t overly fascinating but it gave me something to do.

Scott [whilst noticing the gentleman’s notepad]: Oh I’m sorry to hear that. [Pauses to gather his thoughts.] I hope you don’t mind me asking but what have you got written down there?

Gentleman [slowly moves his notepad away from Scott]: Oh please don’t look at that. I’m sorry, but that is a private matter of mine. All I can say is that I am writing a novel. Yes I know what you’re thinking, another novelist. Now I’ve been fired it has given me something meaningful to do. Anyway, enough about me. I am curious to know, do you like working here?

[Gentleman looks around the cafe and gives a look of distaste. The Manager passes the gentleman’s table.]

Scott [lowers his voice and without noticing the manager]: Not really. The hours are long, I’m on my feet for most of the day, and the customers can be rude. Just last week two baboons came in and demanded dishes that weren’t even on the menu. Utter swine they were. 

Manager [looking down at Scott]: I heard that.

[Scott jumps, then looks at the manager and gives him a cheeky grin. The manager shakes his head at Scott and then walks away as he notices a middle-aged couple entering the cafe.]

Scott: But I don’t have much choice as I need the money. I have just finished university and the student loans are ridiculous. With that and the cost of rent on my bungalow I needed to work someone to pay off my debt. Oh, I’m Scott by the way.

[Gentleman listens intently and writes something down on his black notebook. He ignores Scott’s open hand.]

Gentleman [curiously]: So Scott you must work a number of hours and at least a few days of the week to pay off your debts.

Scott: Yes I have to. Let me think. [Pauses for a second in order to remember his work hours.] I work on Wednesdays between from 10 and 4, Fridays between 11 and 5, so another three hours until my shift finishes today. Also on the weekends I do between 10 and 6.  

[Gentleman continues to write frantically as Scott looks slightly confused.]

Gentleman [directs his attention to outside]: Well with those long hours and early starts I guess you don’t live too far away.

Scott: Yep it’s only a ten minutes away from here. It’s near the park on Kingston Lane. I don’t suppose you know it?

Gentleman [whilst writing]: Let me think. Is that near the train station?

Scott [slightly concerned]: Yes it is. Living in the house right next to the park can be irritating. Especially when you hear children playing nearby when you’re trying to have a kip. [Pauses and looks down at the pad in front of the gentleman.] Sorry but what are you writing down?

Gentleman [cunningly]: I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I’m just brainstorming ideas for my novel. You remember the one I told you I was writing?

Scott: Oh yes I remember, sorry.

Manager [Calls over to Scott]: Scott your break is up. We need you. Can you take this couple’s order?

Gentleman [grinning]: Well thank you for talking to me Scott. Your company has cheered me up. Good luck with paying off your debts.

Scott [smiles back]: No problem. Good luck with your novel and I hope it goes accordingly to plan.

Gentleman: I’m sure it will.

[Scott and the Gentleman shake hands. Scott rises to his feet and goes back to serving the tables. The Gentleman relaxes back upon his chair to bask in the shade around him.]

Gentleman [quietly to himself]: Thank you for making my day Scott. I guess you’ll have to take on more shifts when you find out your house has been burgled.

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