Beauty Every Day

Beauty Every Day

On difficult days I should look at the list below and remind myself, beauty can be found every day. I hope you find some comfort in these words too. Remember you are not alone.


Sunrises and sunsets

Trees, birds, butterflies, cats, dolphins

Penguins, monkeys, goldfish, roses

The patch of blue in the sky on the cloudiest of days

Rain after a heatwave

Reading a book which makes you cry

Watching a film which makes you laugh

Listening to music which allows you to travel in time

Smiles, laughter, joy, happiness

Telling jokes with friends over pints of Coke

Acts of kindness



The sweetness of strawberries, the softness of candyfloss

The spice of hot curries

The clunk-fizz noise when opening a can of lemonade

The clink of water against ice in a glass

Writing stories, telling jokes, reciting poems, speaking on radio shows

Kites, trains, bunny rabbits

The first snowflake to land on the pavement at night

Bubbles, wishing wells, shiny one and two pence pieces

The wind brushing against your cheek

Silence after noisy building work has come to an end

Bright ideas, finished projects, triumph

Good news

Babies giggling

Winning a hand at Texas hold’em

Inspirational people

Playing board games with loved ones, especially Articulate Your Life

Visiting art galleries, playing football, sailing calm seas

Talking to people who listen to understand

When a good day feels like a lifetime

Travelling to new places and returning to old favourites

The smell of fish and chips at the seaside

Natural wonders, especially the Northern Lights

Meeting new people and catching up with good friends


The brightest star shining in the darkest of skies

And so, so much more…

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