Just You and I

Lying on the grass

Touching hands

The sky painting stars with the clouds above

29th February, a Leap Year

A one in a four chance of happening

The breeze stroking our birthmarks

As we sigh together

In this moment, only us

In this moment, only us...Copyright © 2023 winluk06. All rights reserved.

Diving Into 2024

Diving Into 2024

2023 was a mixed year.

It was filled with challenging times including being ill with my Crohn’s disease, which has led to an anal fistula that needs treating. I have had flu bugs and colds; have doubted myself on many occasions; and have cried lots in toilets. Both loved ones and close friends have also had to cope with their own personal health conditions; and it is difficult to watch them go through these horrendous moments in their lives. This year also marked three years since my dad passed away in his nursing home due to complications with his multiple sclerosis. Every day we miss him. My love goes out to all of you who have lost someone. It is never easy, but they will always be in our hearts.

It was also a year filled with some great times too. I have laughed over games of pool, poker and bowling; had trips into London to go to immersive art galleries; taken part in some creative writing open mic nights at University of Hertfordshire; and have spoken on the radio, especially on Mix 92.6, to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and mental health conditions. I have met so many amazing people, to which I can now call my friends.

I have also been fortunate to have gone travelling, including to Cornwall to see the beautiful Lizard Peninsula; St Ives; and Saint Michael’s Mount; attended some fun and memorable shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 in Scotland for my twenty-ninth birthday; walked by the rivers, canals and waffle shops of Bruges and Ghent in Belgium; and hiked up to some magical places in Switzerland with my cousin. It was 2019 when I last went travelling with him to Slovenia, so it was fantastic to have had the chance to go and do it again. I will never forget this.

Looking back, I did not set any concrete resolutions for 2023. Instead, I wanted to spend time with family and friends, which I have done; and I also managed to explore more of the world; as well as raise more awareness of what it is like to live with Crohn’s disease, dyspraxia, anxiety and depression.

Resolutions 2024

Like in 2023, I am not going to set any concrete resolutions for 2024 as it does seem to be some expectation to achieve them. However, like before, I want to spend time with the people who matter the most to me; want to adventure more into the world both in terms of travelling but also in terms of other relationships, careers and hobbies. I am also considering completing another charity challenge or two for Crohn’s and Colitis UK and Dyspraxia Foundation, among other causes.

This year marks ten years since I first started blogging. Thank you for being there for me and listening to my experiences of living with hidden disabilities and mental health conditions. I would not be here without you. Take care of yourselves and each other, and let us hope the year ahead is a kind one.

Let us hope the year ahead is a kind one...Copyright © 2023 Jake Borrett. All rights reserved. 

Dancing Along A Purple Tightrope

Dancing Along A Purple Tightrope

I’m dancing along a purple tightrope,

Bare toes gripping on, holding on, holding on…

Below are memories of days at the beach, playing games of Articulate, drinking pints of Coke,

Running through fields of lavender, smiling, warmth, love, holding hands

I could trip, fall, splash into them, but I choose to continue, walking the tightrope…

Although I can’t see into the blinding darkness ahead,

I hope a thousand stars are waiting.

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Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod

The rod glints in the silver moonlight,

Dripping the bait into the icy pool below

Waiting, waiting, a calm stillness fills the frosty air

A shadow creeps over the scurried ground afar

As the lake hums a tone of all those we have lost

Fishing for memories of times celebrated together

As one, as a group, in the faded burnt sky

A face among the darkened clouds shines

As their name is forever called amongst the wind

As the lake hums a tone of all those we have lost...Copyright © 2023 Willi-van-de-Winkel. All rights reserved.  



A door stands before me, red and green in colour and covered in silver tinsel

I am hoping behind it contains chocolate, like the gold coins I received as a child

Or a mountain covered in the whitest snow drifting along a painted pink sky

Or the people I love, playing games of Articulate and laughing over spilt pints of Coke.

But it could also contain the coldest, darkness, scariest moments of life, which I have shut away.

It may only be a door, but it contains so many possibilities.

I realise it is up to me to decide.

It contains so many possibilities...Copyright © 2016 Pexels. All rights reserved.