Wash Away

Wash Away

When you are feeling scared and lonely,
In a world that seems frightening and empty,
When the bookshelves start to shake and your body begins to ache,
When you lose loved ones and have to say goodbye,
When you feel betrayed by friends who are no longer by your side,
Wash away, wash away

Rid the dirt out from your fingernails, the doubt from your heart,
Allow the words stuck behind your tongue to come out with a start
Wash away the dread you must be the only one,
You are not alone, there is always someone
Remember no matter how hard it seems, wash away
And believe that one day you will be okay.

One day you will be okay...Copyright © 2016 Pok_Rie. All rights reserved.

Inside My Jacket Pocket

 Inside My Jacket Pocket

I reach inside my jacket pocket and these items fall out:
Earphones to listen to soothing music to silence anxious thoughts;
A £10 note to spend laughing over spilt pints of coke with friends;
The ‘Can’t Wait Toilet Card’ if my stomach starts to scream;
A photograph of Dad running reminding me of when he was well;
And hope, that no matter how bad the day may seem,
Tomorrow can and will be better

Tomorrow can and will be better...Copyright © 2016 Waldo93. All rights reserved.

Hope For The Future Ahead

Hope For The Future Ahead 

No one could have predicted 2020 would turn out the way it did. It has been a very emotional year for a lot of us due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have not been able to spend time with friends and family; have felt unsafe or avoided altogether normal things we usually enjoy such as eating out in restaurants or going to the theatre to watch a play. Our ‘normal’ life of travelling, socialising, living, has been put on hold. It has also been a year filled with loss. I am sorry if you have lost someone to coronavirus or for some other reason. My thoughts are with you all.

For me 2020 was filled with Crohn’s disease flare-ups; a MRI small bowel scan; antidepressants; dark and lonely thoughts; lots of crying in toilets and in bed; and seeing family friends become ill.

One of the hardest parts though was in April 2020 when my dad sadly passed away in his nursing home due to complications with his advanced progressive multiple sclerosis. It has been so difficult not being surrounded by friends and loved ones or being able to hug them when all we felt like doing was crying. We miss his smile, his cheeky laugh and funny sense of humour, his voice, and playing lots of card games and Scrabble. We miss him so much.

Yes, it has been a difficult year and for this reason I was not able to achieve all the goals I set myself at the start of 2020. I was not able to travel or to spend as much time as I would like with all of the people I care about. However, this year has taught me that little things like walking along the seafront or through a lavender field, playing online poker or pool with friends, or dancing around the living room with my mum and sister do matter so much more. I have also learnt to appreciate kind, caring individuals, who make sacrifices and act selflessly. I thank all of you. Thank you for listening to or reading my experiences of living with Crohn’s disease, dyspraxia, anxiety and depression.

Resolutions for 2021

It is currently Friday 1st January 2021 as I write this article, but this year I have decided not to set any resolutions. Well, aside from one. This resolution is that I hope 2021 will be a better year than 2020. I hope it is a happier, kinder year. So, by the time I write my summary of 2021 this time next year I want to look back and say that we managed to have some joyful, normal times together.

2020 has been an awful year for so many, but as we enter into 2021 all we have left is hope, that things will get better. I like to think that this is an incredibly powerful thing.

Thank you for everything. Here is to hope for the future ahead.

Here is to hope for the future ahead...Copyright © 2020- Jake Borrett. All rights reserved.       

Window Memories

Window Memories 

They said it would never rain
Yet as I look at the window, water pours, dripping, dripping
Down the glass, tear by tear, tear by tear.
While the rain makes puddles in the little dents in the road,
Splashing at any flowers which try to grow,
I sit inside on a chair and look at the fireplace roaring,
The sparks soaring, the memories flying by.
I remember the moments we shared ice-cream until
Our teeth were too numb to rub, and when we ran
Around the lake and flew kites among the breeze, and
Sat laughing until our eyes filled with tears of dreams.
The rain may pour, but I will continue to sit and remember
Until the next time we can go outside together and
Dance under the stars.

Until the next time we can outside together...Copyright © 2016 markusspiske. All rights reserved.



 The wind filters through me, wave by wave crashing into my skin

 My hands are so numb, blue icicles form on the tops of my nails

 Goosebumps climb along the hairs of my shaking arms and legs

 My sister builds sandcastles along the stony, shining sand

 Mum reads a book under the sunny glaze of the calm, watered sky

 And Dad runs back and forth, back and forth into the sea, laughing as the tide follows

 I know I should be cold, but all I feel is warmth

I know I should be cold, but all I feel is warmth...Copyright © 2013 Pok_Rie. All rights reserved.