In the darkly sky one star shines bright
For it is watched through eyes below.
But one day the glow will burn away
And with it the happiness shall fade too.

And with it happiness shall fade too...Copyright © 2013- Stas1995. All rights reserved.

Stunning YouTube Videos (9): Summer 2015 Edition

Warning: Some of the videos in this article may contain adult content

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Hey everyone, Jake here once again.

‘Stunning YouTube Videos’ is back for ninth time.  For those who are unaware, this blog feature has been created to applaud the amazingly entertaining and deeply touching videos across the internet.

So without further ado are we ready for the ‘Summer 2015 Edition’? What videos have been selected this time?

Video 1: Post It – short film
‘Post It’ is a heartfelt short film written and directed by Michael Evans. On the surface the narrative looks about the importance of random acts of kindness such as giving compliments to another person, but there is also a deeper theme that runs throughout. This theme is the relationship between different individuals. Whilst there may only be stationary inside Elroy’s box it holds a personal value, that between himself and his recently deceased mother. It is through Clara that Elroy is able to open up to the world around him and see the best in everyone. Overall ‘Post It’ is a lovely short film which will make you reflect on your own life.

Copyright © 2014- by Michael Evans. All rights reserved.

Video 2: A Decade Of Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are returning to our television screens on Saturday 19th September 2015 for the ninth revived series of ‘Doctor Who’. Being a fan myself I thought it would be fitting to choose one video that encompasses the wonderful world of time travel. After going through some fantastic projects I have settled on John Smith’s simply flawless ‘A Decade Of Doctor Who’. The quality of the editing and production is sublime. Over the last year ‘John Smith’ has been known for producing outstanding Doctor Who videos, but his or her identity has remained hidden. They chose the name ‘John Smith’, the same name which The Doctor sometimes uses to hide his true identity. Hopefully John Smith’s identity will remain hidden too. If you are a big fan of Doctor Who I suggested having a look at their work.

Copyright © 2015- by John Smith. All rights reserved. 

Video 3: Blind Devotion | Jubilee Project Short Film
‘Blind Devotion’ is a moving short film by the Jubilee Project. In one word the video is ‘touching’. The narrative follows the characters Cecilia and Louie and listens to their voices as they tell from their perspective of how a serious medical condition leaves Cecilia blind. The main theme which surrounds ‘Blind Devotion’ is unconditional love in its purest form. The directing, the photography, the writing and the acting combined with the melody comes together to create eight minutes of beauty. Nothing in the video is forced and it all comes across honest because blindness is a very real, but so is unconditional love.

Copyright © 2015- by JubileeProject. All rights reserved. 


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the creation of such amazing videos for all of us to enjoy. If you liked the films, then why not subscribe to the YouTubers’ pages?

Until the tenth edition of ‘Stunning YouTube Videos’ have a wonderful week.