A List Filled With Happiness

A List Filled With Happiness

I have recently finished reading Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive, a powerful and honest account of depression. Haig concludes with a list he calls, ‘Things I have enjoyed since the time I thought I would never enjoy anything again.’ Here are some of the things on my list filled with happiness. What is on your list?



My pet goldfish, Chloe and Millie


Going on long walks

Music that makes me cry, especially Hans Zimmer’s ‘Solomon’; The Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘Arrival of the Birds’ and ‘Transformation’; and Two Steps From Hell’s ‘Heart of Courage’

The patch of blue in the sky on the cloudiest of days

Laughter split over pints of Coke with good friends

Playing ‘Articulate Your Life’, which is the only game that fills me with nerves of excitement

Taking photographs and videos that will last forever

Making short films by using life’s memories

Ty Beanie Babies

Watching magic being performed

Reading unforgettable novels and poetry

Speaking on the radio


Raising awareness of hidden disabilities

Travelling, especially to Iceland and Canada

Spending time with my cousins, Rufus Lakin and Tilly Lakin

Hearing about other people’s successes through determination

Shiny one and two penny coins

My local Chinese takeaway

The wind brushing up against my cheeks

Singing out of tune in the car

Beautiful sunsets that paint the sky red, orange, purple

The Northern Lights


Water clinking against ice in a glass

Bubble baths

Chicken nuggets

When a good day feels like a week

People listening with the intention to understand

My loving family

Talking to you

The Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada, January 2017 Copyright © 2017- Jake Borrett and Rufus Lakin. All rights reserved.