Flying Solo

Flying Solo

I always wanted a kite. Not for its aesthetic beauty or its ability to fly. No, but for its freedom.

I would go to tranquil jade parks, by day and by night, in order to search for my bounty. At times when the pelting rain shrouded the darkening green no tender salvation was in sight. Without my companion I felt alone and worse of all trapped.

This altered on bright and windy days. Ruby and sapphire jewels would float majestically in the sky. Oh how lucky kites are. No malevolent burden is placed on their conscience, only the feathered touch of liberation. I deserved the same.  

Children would play with them for hours in the glittering sun. Their smiles and laughter were poison to me. Each of the vindictive creatures disallowed me to join in their amusement. I would walk away. Whilst the wind scorched my face, I prayed that I would find a kite another day.

I always wanted a kite because it possessed freedom. Sadly, I never obtained either. 

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