You Cannot Share Everything

You Cannot Share Everything

Script Key
Name: The character who is talking
[italics]: The stage directions
---: The interruptions in speech

Cast List
The following is the cast list of the speaking parts in my script:
Mr. Rushermore: Divorce Solicitor 
Gabi Nylon: Female Party
Stephen Bashington: Male Party

The following depicts the theatre drama script:

Set one morning within an office block specialising in divorce procedures. The dark room is lit up with golden lamps. It is furnished with oak chairs and tables, a book-case, and a filing cabinet at the back. Two vases of flowers stand on a table on opposite sides. One is filled with blooming white lilies, while the other contains withered red roses.
 Sitting at the head of the central table is the divorce lawyer, Mr. Rushermore. He is of middle-aged and is dressed formally. On his left is Stephen Bashington, a male in his early thirties, very young looking and wears a tracksuit outfit. On the right is the frustrated Gabi Nylon, in her late thirties and is wearing a smart dress.
 Mr. Rushermore is the first to speak.

Mr. Rushermore: Today we move forward in discussing your asset arrangements. We will draw up a list focusing on what each party is entitled to. I ask you both to please act in a civilised manner---

Gabi [interrupts]: Civilised after what he has done to me?

Stephen: Come now, don’t start being angry babe.

Gabi: Babe? Stop calling me that. I’m not your babe.

Mr. Rushermore [tries to regain control]: Please calm yourself Mrs. Nylon and let’s get on with this. I don’t want to make this procedure any harder than it has to be.

Gabi [angrily to Mr. Rushermore]: Did you just call me ‘Mrs. Nylon?’ It’s Miss Nylon.

Mr. Rushermore: Until your assets are in order and the divorce papers are signed, Mrs. Nylon is your official title.

Gabi [raises her voice]: Let’s get on with it then.

Mr. Rushermore: Right, Miss Nylon, can you please tell me what you want from this session particularly focusing on what assets you desire from your marriage to Mr. Bashington.

Gabi: I want everything that’s due to me, the house, the car, the money---

Stephen [interrupts]: Hold on now babe. You can’t go around taking what isn’t yours. The last time I looked it was mine.

Gabi: Fat chance! For what you did to Rachel and me I demand all that you have.

Stephen [grins and winks at Gabi]: Oh babe, don’t make stuff up. [Points at Mr. Rushermore.] The solicitor here wants to hear the truth. Anyway, how is my fault the ladies can’t resist me? [Annoys Gabi by flexing his arm.] How is it my fault babe?

[At this point, Gabi attempts to hit Stephen, who is constantly winking at her, but Mr. Rushermore pulls her away.]

Mr. Rushermore: Miss Nylon, please---

Gabi: [interrupts and directly talking to Mr. Rushermore] Get off me! [Sits down again.] Can’t you see? Can’t you see what this shark is like? [Talking to Stephen.] What a vile creature you are Stephen.

Stephen: What are you saying babe? Do you want the fridge-freezer? If so you can have it. [Winks at Gabi.]

Gabi: Gosh that’s not what I’m saying. And another thing, stop calling me babe. [Begins mimicking Stephen’s voice.] Babe, babe, fucking babe. [Raises her voice.] I want a divorce and all you have so you can suffer like me.

Mr. Rushermore: What do you have to say Mr. Bashington?

[Stephen gets up from his seat and begins pacing around the room. He walks over to the two vases of flowers. He crushes what is left of the withered red roses, and then starts stroking the white lilies.]

Stephen: [To Mr. Rushermore] Thank you. I have to say firstly that she is a liar. [To Gabi.] Babe, how can you really say that I betrayed your trust? It’s not like you’re perfect or anything.

[Stephen moves away from the flowers and then begins to walk towards Gabi.]

Stephen: How can you say that babe, for all that I have done for you?

[Stephen reaches Gabi. He begins strokes her hair and continues talking whilst Mr. Rushermore and Gabi look on nervously wondering what Stephen will do next.]

Stephen: It’s clear that you’re unstable babe. The only thing that could possibly love you is your smooth hair.

[Stephen laughs whilst caressing her hair.]

Stephen: Just because you want the house, the car, and the dosh, doesn’t mean you are going to get it babe.

[Stephen stops stroking Gabi and sits back down on his chair.]

Mr. Rushermore [shocked]: Umm I will ask you again Mr. Bashington. What do you want?

Stephen: For her to feel pain. If that means not signing the divorce papers and carrying on sleeping with whomever I like, then that’s what I’ll do. [Laughs directly at Gabi.]

Gabi: See! See! See! He’s admitted it sir. Can’t you stop him?

Mr. Rushermore [hesitantly] Err Mr. Bashington can’t you see that Miss Nylon here is distraught? I am not on anyone’s side here but it’s quite clear you are only acting in this way and frankly not allowing me to draw up the divorce settlement just out of spite? 

[Stephen gets up from his chair and starts walking towards the exit. He stops at the blooming white lilies, breaks off a petal, and puts it in his pocket.]

Stephen: [Points to Mr. Rushermore.] Even though sir we have only really just met, it seems like you have known me all my life. [Directly talking to Gabi.] Babe, how could you not see this coming? I know you still have feelings for me but I have none left for you. If you think I am going to allow you to touch any one my possessions, you are mistaken. Remember these words babe. My behaviour is all down to you. I hope you have fun dying alone.

[Stephen exists.]

[Mr. Rushermore and Gabi remain seated and look baffled. Mr. Rushermore seems to be more concerned about not being able to draw up the asset list than of Gabi’s feeling. He does not notice that she is crying.]

Mr. Rushermore: Don’t you worry Miss Nylon we will get this all sorted. One thing I know is that our solicitors do their job properly and you will get the assets you are entitled to.

Gabi [crying]: What’s the point? It’s pretty clear that pig won’t change his mind. Never mind the assets. I just hope one day a woman chokes him with their own hair. 

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