Stunning YouTube Videos (3): June Edition

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Hey everyone! Jake here!

Believe it or not it is coming to the end of June. Really, where did all that time go? Who knows…Anyway, that means it is time to look at some of the Stunning YouTube Videos that have come to my attention across the month. Do not forget to leave your suggestions in the comment section below and who knows your video may be picked.

So here we go once again. Here is the selection for June.

Video 1: ‘Paper Hound’ by ayliffe1
‘Paper Hound’ is a deeply profound film by Connor Ayliffe. Without giving too much away, it depicts a teenage boy getting on a bus followed by a dog. This same dog appears to be following him on his local paper round with insightful consequences. The boy is forced to engage with his emotion and reflect on his actions. Simplistic in plot but rich in emotion, it demonstrates Connor’s remarkable directing. The locations and the shots are particularly powerful throughout, especially the scene with the sunset in the background. Combining the emotion-driven music with the humour and heartbreak you get a story that is definitely worth a lot of praise.

Copyright © 2014- by ayliffe 1. All rights reserved. 

Video 2: ‘Disney and Pixar Sings Let it Go’ by Brian Hull
I applaud anyone who can do impressions. Have you had a go? It took me all day to sound like a famous cartoon character and it simply did not work. So it is no wonder why Brian Hull deserves to be on this list. His video shows him successfully attempt to sing ‘Let it Go’ by Idina Menzel, taken from the animation film Frozen. He does so in the voices of many characters from famous Disney and Pixar films. They are all brilliant but Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are my favourites. What are yours? Thanks Brain for the fantastically entertaining video, you are amazing.

Copyright © 2014- by Brian Hull. All rights reserved. 

Video 3: ‘The Mountain’ by TESOPHOTOGRAPHY’s channel
You could really watch this all day and all night. The sheer beauty and wonder in his movie is phenomenal. Filmed across a week in April 2011, it depicts the stunning views of the Milky Way Galaxy and Spain’s highest mountain El Teide. You can really bask in the dedication it took to photograph these extraordinary sights. The peaceful melody combines so well with the elegant setting to such an extent it makes you admire the stunning places that can be found around the world. Thank you Tesophotography and everyone involved for sharing this with us.

Copyright © 2011- by TESOPHOTOGRAPHY’s channel. All rights reserved. 


Thanks to everyone involved in producing such amazing work for all of us to enjoy. If you enjoyed them, subscribe to their pages for any future videos they may produce.

So could your video be featured next time? Do you have one to recommend? Let us know in the comment section below and you never know you may see it on the blog next time.

See you in July! 


  1. So what do you make of the videos chosen this time? Do you have a suggestion for July? Please do comment below. Thanks everyone!

    1. Wow that guy who does those impression is good

    2. It is great that Brian can do so many impressions so well. I hope he gets some work from them if he wants to do it professionally. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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