Stunning YouTube Videos (5): August Edition

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Hey everyone! Jake here!

Time does really fly by. I cannot believe it is actually the end of August already. Where did the month go? Anyway it is that time once again where we explore some of the Stunning YouTube Videos that have stood out over the last month.

Right, here is the selection for August.

Video 1: ‘If Google was a Guy’ by CollegeHumor
College Humor has produced many insightful and funny videos over the last few years. One in particular which has stood out is their ‘If Google was a Guy’. It looks at the hypothetical situation of what would happen if all our search engines were delivered to just one individual. How would they react? How would they cope? What would you ask them? There have been three parts to this so far but I advise to start from the beginning. Trust me they are hilarious and very creative. Thank you for this brilliant entertainment.

Copyright © 2014- by CollegeHumor. All rights reserved. 

Video 2: ‘A Beautiful World- Stunning HD Video (Band of Horses – Funeral)’ by WorldVisionHD
A Beautiful World by World Vision HD is an incredible video showing the beauty of our planet. The photography and the video clips of the scenery are simply outstanding. They really allow admiring the magnificent and greatly diverse world we live in. The melody ‘Funeral’ by Band of Horses sets the magical atmosphere of ice, water and earth. Together this produces a video which will stay with you long after you have viewed it. My words do not do it justice.

Copyright © 2013- WorldVisionHD. All rights reserved. 

Video 3: ‘ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE – UNCENSORED & Sexy?’ by Anthony Carbajal
You have probably heard of and viewed the latest craze that has swept the internet. I am talking about the talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge. It is a noble cause hoping to raise awareness and funds for charity, most notable for ALS ‘Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis’. This is often known as Motor Neurone Disease in the United Kingdom. There have been thousands of videos of people taking part, including many celebrities. Only a few have stayed with me.

Anthony Carbajal is one of those. In a word he is an inspiration. He has a running history of ALS in his family, and has recently been diagnosed himself at the age of twenty six. From the deep emotion that runs through the video, you can see how much it means to him that such a cruel condition is getting the awareness it needs. So please do donate as much as you can to the ALS charities out there. It does make a big difference to somebody’s life.

Copyright © 2014- Anthony Carbajal. All rights reserved.


Thanks to everyone who has used their creativity and courage to produce such stunning videos. Also thank you to all who have watched them, either through the writing blog or on another website. It does not take an army to change the world for the better, just one person.

See you next time. Until then, take great care. 


  1. Thanks to to everyone who watches these videos and make sure you donate generously.

  2. That's an absolutely heartbreaking ice bucket challenge video but good on him for doing it