The Beach for the Chosen One

The Beach for the Chosen One

The crowd gathered one warm summer’s day upon the aureate sand.
Some of which decided to cleanse within the shimmering azure sea,
Whilst others played, bathed, ate and drank upon its soft surface.
Prancing and dancing upon the beach, the thousand were merry.

Despite knowing that their time upon this tranquil shore was very short,
Each of them believed that variety made this place bloom and blossom.
None of whom knew who exactly would be selected from this lottery
And then would be asked to twirl and whirl away from this haven.

Suddenly the first order violently trembled across the serene seaside.
As the announcer put it, those who were ‘female’ were told to leave.
They collected their chipped high heels and sandy blankets then left.
With that only five hundred and fifty male guests remained.

With sandcastles built and balls caught, the demand was heard.
As the mature one put it, those who were ‘young’ had to go home.
They found their buckets and spades and sport games then left.
With that only four hundred and eighty grownups continued.

After a short duration the next command was barked from yonder.
As the chief put it, those who were ‘not white’ were requested to vacate.
They grouped together their designer sunglasses and watches then vanished.
With that only three hundred and forty white visitors lingered.

Time passed instantly and the third instruction was given to them.
As the commander put it, those who were ‘religious’ needed to go.
With scriptures read, charms worn and prayers cast they disappeared.
With that only three hundred lambs endured.   

With ice-creams consumed and drinks glugged another came.
Those who were ‘old and feeble, sick and diseased’ were the next to go.
Slowly they packed away their vital chairs, aids and medication.
With that only two hundred and fifty healthy patients persisted.

With the sun sweltering and sweat dripping there was a further imperative.
Those who were ‘not straight’ were summoned to depart from the area.
They collated their swimsuits, hairsprays and cravats then they were gone.
With that only two hundred conventional lovers stayed.  

With books read and games played the screeching sound came again.
As the voice declared those who were ‘working class’ must go home.
They gathered their scraps and empty wallets together then fled.
With that only sixty aristocrats sat proudly.

After debating whether they could ease, a final decree was bellowed.
As the genius argued, those who ‘do not have a 140+ IQ’ needed to exit.
Shamefully hiding their ‘what you should know’ guides they trailed away.  
With that only one person was left.

After this, the powerful influence said one word, ‘continue’, then was quiet.
The chosen one, whilst was seen as superior and now ruled the beach,
Was cold as the sun faded away and hungry as snacks could not be sold.
Mainly he was angry as the once gloriously diverse beach was now lost.


  1. I hope everyone has a fantastic summer

  2. So meaningful yet so very heartbreaking

    1. Thanks so very much for commenting. I'm so glad you felt that way about the poem as that was definitely its intention.