Voting System 4: Quiz Subject (The Results)

Hey everyone! Jake here!

The fourth voting poll has now come to its end and the results are now in. So what type of quiz did you want to be uploaded onto the blog this week?
Find out below:

What type of Quiz do you want to be challenged with from Friday 15th August 2014 onward?’
Films and Movies: 8
General Knowledge: 7
News of the 21st Century: 6
Jake Borrett’s Writing Blog: 5
Animation Central: 5
Reading and Writing: 4
Big Dramas: 4
The Good Times: 4

Total Votes: 43

Thanks very much to everyone who voted. Without your support this blog would not be a success, so you deserve the content you would like to read and watch.

The quiz on ‘Films and Movies’ will be published later on today. In the meantime have a great afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to everyone who voted. Did you hope 'Films and Movies' would win or something else?