Stay Safe

Note: As Halloween has now gone by, it can be revealed that this blog post was a piece of fiction. Or was it?
Stay Safe

Hey everyone! Jake here!

As you know each week I would usually post a new blog entry. However today is slightly different. I do not know how to put this but something odd happened last night.

You see it was just after midnight when I decided to go to bed. As I began drifting off I am sure I heard something. There was a sort of hissing noise. Then there was a groan. Then there were footsteps. Whatever was in my bedroom seemed to be making its way towards me. It stopped. Somehow I felt its presence over me, just waiting to see my reaction.

I woke up. No one was there. I checked on my mum and sister to make sure they were not playing a practical joke. To be fair that is more the sort of thing my cousin would do. In this case they were both asleep. Hmm how strange.

Well I hope to be back next week with another blog post. Hopefully this will not happen again. In the meantime stay safe.

Could dark Halloween forces be at work here?

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