Taken Over By Me

Note: As Halloween has now gone by, it can be revealed that this blog post was a piece of fiction. Or was it?
Taken Over By Me

Hey everyone! Jake isn't here!

Do you remember when that sap said there was something out to get him? Oh of course you do. That was me and now he’s gone. Did you like him? Shame.

It was so easy, so very easy.

Anyway, things are going to be different around here. You’ll soon find out. Trust me you don’t want to miss it.

For now, have a scary Halloween.

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  1. I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween this year.

    To avoid any copyright issues, here is the full attribution for bykst's sinister photograph:

    bykst (2014) Free Illustration: Background, Red, Light. [Online] Available At:
    [Accessed: 31st October 2014].