Stunning YouTube Videos (6): Christmas 2014 Edition

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Hey everyone! Jake here!

It’s back and it’s back for Christmas. For those of you who are unaware ‘Stunning YouTube Videos’ was a blog feature where I looked at some of the videos across the web that caught my attention over the last month. So I thought it was only fitting to give you some festive treats produced some excellent film makers.

Right, here is the selection for the 2014 Christmas Edition. Enjoy!

Video 1: ‘“The Night Before Christmas” Short Film’
Dead Set Films has produced a simply magical video called The Night Before Christmas. The cinematography and visuals produced here are simply professional. The real detail focused on the Christmas tree, decorations and presents is wonderful. There is a real Christmassy feel to the overall sense of this short film. Without spoiling it, the video set on the night before Christmas day where one man commits a desperate act. Through the atmospheric scenery and music DC Kasundra, along with their colleagues, has produced a stunning piece emphasising the importance of family during a festive season such as this.

Copyright © 2012- by Dead Set Films. All rights reserved. 

Video 2: ‘Decoration (Short Film)’
Decoration is a highly imaginative tale created by ThirdTakeProductions. Daniel Pursue has done an excellent job in producing both an atmospheric and a darkly rich tale about what could happen if one of your Christmas decorations came to life. Sam Cliff’s acting and Luke Neumann and Kevin Macleod’s music should be credited for their believability and the way they create both a warm and sinister atmosphere. I have watched this short film a number of times as it simply haunting. So take care when deciding which decorations you are going to hang on your Christmas tree.

Copyright © 2013- by ThirdTakeProductions. All rights reserved. 


Thanks to everyone involved in producing such amazing work for all of us to enjoy this Christmas. If you liked them, subscribe to their pages for any future videos they may produce.

Right, that is everything from Stunning YouTube Videos this year. The blog feature may appear in 2015 with your videos being praised.

Until then I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  1. Thanks to to everyone who watches these videos. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.