Sixty Seconds

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Sixty Seconds

If you knew you had only sixty seconds left to live, what would you do? What would you think about?
Would you think about all those people you loved? All those who cared for you? All those who made a positive difference? All those who supported you, those who made you strong? How about all those who stayed or all those you lost along the way?
Would you look over your life? Would you see the times when you laughed, the times you cried? Would you see the times you said hello to new faces or goodbye to the old? Would you see the goals you achieved, the dreams you reached? Would you see any regrets you wished you could change, or would just keep it all the same?
If you knew you had only sixty seconds left to live, would you think about? What would you do?  Would you scream? Would you weep? Would you say your goodbyes for the very last time? Or would you, just that for one moment, accept it?
The truth is no one really knows. Well, not until those sixty seconds actually arrive.

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