Stunning YouTube Videos (7): January/February 2015 Edition

Warning: Some of the videos in this article may contain sensitive content

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Hey everyone! Jake here!

I hope you are all having a brilliant 2015.

‘Stunning YouTube Videos’ is well and truly back for 2015. In case you were unaware, this blog feature has been created to celebrate the fantastically entertaining and deeply haunting videos across the web.

So what are we waiting for? Which videos make have made it onto the list for edition number seven?

Video 1: The Desk – Short Film
‘The Desk’ is a brilliant short film written and directed by Albert Gonzalez. The video description notes ‘The Desk’ is a story about communication. While this is very true, it is also a story discussing other strong themes such as identity, sexuality and individuality. Just by looking at the YouTube comments it seems you can have your own interpretation about what the film is really about, mainly because there is an element of ambiguity. This ambiguity is one feature which makes the video so powerful. Another is while this short film is about communication there is hardly any dialogue. It is through music, writing and acting that emotion can be drawn. ‘The Desk’ is in an essence a short film definitely worth watching.

Copyright © 2011- by Albert Gonzalez. All rights reserved.

Video 2: Stunning Time-Lapse Video: Elemental Iceland
What National Geographic have produced is simply stunning. Their time-lapse video of magical Iceland is breath-taking. You can see the amount of time and effort photographer Stian Rekdal has put in in order to produce this short film. The video description notes he spent three weeks and more than three thousand miles on the road and took more than forty thousand photographs in order to have sufficient footage for this project. This takes real dedication. I may have been slightly biased here as I only visited Iceland back in March 2014. It was a trip of a lifetime. Some of the photographs of the geysers and the northern lights really bring back good memories. Thanks for producing this video. If you like to read about my own experience in wonderful Iceland click on the link below.

Copyright © 2013- by National Geographic. All rights reserved. 

‘My Life: Iceland’

Video 3: ‘Ronan’s Escape’ – Short Film on Bullying
Bullying is such a sensitive subject which unfortunately many of us have gone through some point in our lives. ‘Ronan’s Escape’ is an emotionally affecting and at times quite a controversial short film dealing with this issue. The narrative follows the character Ronan as he struggles to deal with bullies at his school. The rural wheat belt of Western Australia provides an excellent backdrop for some amazing images in this captivating tale. A.J. Carter’s writing and directing along with the acting of David Lazarus, who plays Ronan, has to be commended. Needless to say that this video does contain scenes which some may find distressing. Nevertheless it is a film that will stay with you for a long time after watching.

Copyright © 2011- by SMOOTH MOTION MEDIA GROUP. All rights reserved.


Thanks to everyone involved in producing such incredible videos for all of us to enjoy. If you liked them, then why not subscribe to their pages?

See you again in two months’ time where a video of yours could be selected.  

Until then thank you for the great support and have a brilliant week.

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