Rising into the Sky

Rising into the Sky

I stand outside,
Tying a piece of string around my little finger,
Eying the digit that kisses the cheek of my new balloon

I watch the wind,
Tickling my blushing friend, pleading for no more,
Until he finally relents and floats into the air with me

I feel the air,
As my companion and I fly through the sky
Reaching as high as the swooping birds and sleeping clouds

I hear my thoughts,
As each tries to cling onto the ground we have left behind
Then I ask myself, why? Why would I want to say goodbye?

As my companion and I fly through the sky...Copyright © 2006- Helen Warren. All rights reserved.

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  1. I hope you are all having a great Friday.

    To avoid any copyright issues here is the full attribution for Helen Warren’s photograph:
    Helen Ward (2006) A balloon race in Fetcham shortly after the balloons were launched. [Online] Available At:
    [Accessed: 6th March 2015].