Wicken Woods

Wicken Woods

Imagine the fear hunting you through Wicken Woods. Each time your shoe crushes the wooden pathway something creaks below. You twist your head to the left and see hapless trees. You roll your head to the right and see depressing weeds.
Imagine the paranoia haunting you through Wicken Woods. Something casts a shadow on your eyelid. Perhaps something is hidden in the corners of the darkened forest, or perhaps it is your mind playing twisted games for fun.
Imagine the unknowing stalking you through Wicken Woods. The darkness surrounds you, stopping you seeing what lies ahead. Maybe the darkness is endless and the trees never cease.
Imagine if Wicken Woods is the place you go before your eyes permanently shut. Imagine finding yourself here, walking the route to your eternal sleep. The eternal sleep, it is never too far away.

The eternal sleep, it is never too far away...Copyright © 2015- Bonnybbx. All rights reserved.

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  1. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.

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