The Hallowed Wish

The Hallowed Wish
On the morning of each Halloween a girl or boy finds a green ring underneath their bedroom pillow with an attached note. The note reads, ‘At 10.00pm tonight make a wish of your own desire.’
There was once a girl called ‘Sarah’ who wished to have no more school homework; and a boy called ‘Brian’ who wanted a plate of chocolate biscuits.
There was also once an unknown boy or girl only referred to as ‘They’. They wished for their daddy to be ‘well’, free from sickness. The next morning They found their daddy had not be ‘cured’ and They cried; but thereafter They spent each day making their daddy smile.  
It is unknown whether these stories are real, but even so their wishes reveal all.
This Halloween a girl or boy will find a green ring underneath their bedroom pillow, but what will they wish for?

What will they wish for? Copyright © 2016- ottlukas. All rights reserved.  

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