An Image of a ‘Normal’ Boy

An Image of a ‘Normal’ Boy

When most people look at this image they see a ‘normal’ twenty-two-year-old boy. They do not see his Crohn’s disease and dyspraxia. They do not see his younger-self being told by a doctor that the pain in his small intestine is ‘imaginary’; they do not see his low levels of potassium in hospital; the blood; the pills; the bullying in school; the tears over the exercise books; the anger; the embarrassment of having a dad with multiple sclerosis; the self-hatred. They also do not see him winning ‘The Fletcher Prize’ for outstanding achievement; defying expectations by attaining a First-class honours degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from University of Hertfordshire; the smiles; the laughs; the travels; the courage; the confidence; and his belief to raise awareness for hidden disabilities.

You do though, you see it all. Thank you for supporting the writing blog since it went public three years ago on Friday 28th February 2014. Most of all, thank you for being there when I needed it the most.

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  1. This is beautiful Jake

    1. Aww thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you liked the piece.