Inside The Stadium

Inside The Stadium

Standing on the line you pause, you breathe, you wait. It is your duty to save them.

Running towards the goal you dribble, you shoot, you fly. It is your mission to score them.

Hoping in the stand you pray, you cheer, you cry. It is your role to support them.

It is written in ground and within the sky. It is heard in all the chants and all the screams. It all depends on you. It is your choice, your moment, to make your nation proud and make the whole world bow.

It will take skill, it will take courage, it will take belief. However, anything is possible inside the stadium.


  1. I hope everyone enjoys the 2014 World Cup!

    1. Germany are now going to win

    2. Congratulations on getting it right! Germany definitely played the best out of the four teams that remained.