Stunning YouTube Videos (4): July Edition

Warning: Contains Adult Content

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Hey everyone! Jake here!

I hope you are enjoying the supposedly sunny month of July. It has been very hot here. Anyway it is that time where we explore some of the Stunning YouTube Videos that have stood out across the month. Please note that some of the videos are emotional but at the same time are utterly compelling.

Right here is the selection for July.

Video 1: ‘Dream- Motivational Video’ by Mateusz M
Dream is an amazing motivational video by Mateusz M. It has all the right tools to encourage us to go out and fulfil our ambitions. No matter how big the obstacle may seem, or how big our fear is, or how long it takes, with self-believe and dedication you are already on the right path to achieving those dreams.  

The editing is simply faultless here. By combining powerful speeches from Les Brown, with exhilarating music from Hans Zimmer, and by adding classic films such as A Beautiful Mind, Mateusz creates a video that inspires to achieve the impossible. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece.

Copyright © 2013- by Mateusz M. All rights reserved. 

Video 2: ‘Real Life Heroes [Good people] part 1’ by FFA
Without a doubt Real Life Heroes is a shocking collection of clips by FFA. In essence it is about real life heroes. It depicts a potentially tragic situation which has been stopped by just an everyday individual. Any one of us could be in this situation. We could be a saviour or someone who needs to be rescued. We just do not know.  

I will not spoil this video for you, but I shall leave you with this. As FFA have rightly said, each act of bravery does restore faith in humanity. Just watch and listen. You will be amazed.

Copyright © 2013- FFA. All rights reserved. 

Video 3: ‘Requiem- A Short Film About Teen Suicide’ by NavajoJoeFilms
Suicide is a particular controversial subject to discuss, but Requiem NavajoJoeFilms has done such a great job in producing such a heart-breaking piece it simply cannot be ignored. In this case the video follows the final moments of a suicidal teenager as he remembers all the suffering of his unfortunate life.

All the elements of a video, including the writing, acting, directing and production have come together to make this tragic piece. They have recognised the sensitive nature of the subject and have used their video in a way which hopes to change society for the better. As they state, in twenty four hours 1,427 teenagers will attempt suicide. This figure is so alarming, especially if you take into account the amount of pain involved in this one devastating act.

Copyright © 2013- NavajoJoeFilms. All rights reserved. 


Thanks to everyone who was involved in producing these three videos and to all those heroes out there. This article was very difficult to write as they were all so emotive.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see next time then comment in the section below.

See you next time in August. Until then, take care.

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