Kite Flying In The Autumn Night

Kite Flying In The Autumn Night
(Dedicated to Enid Borrett, 1927-2016)

In the autumn night a white light from the city below
Splashes onto the knotted bows hanging from string.
As the wind brushes against the stars they start to sing
To the fluttering of the kite dancing in the blue glow.

I watch your tired eyes following the path of the diamond kite;
I follow your small hands tracing the knotted bows in flight;
I beam at your weak smile on the promise of future days;
I cry at your exhausted tears from fear of past dismays.

So I kneel on the grass, hoping nature is kind tonight.
The wind kisses the inches between my two shivering hands.
I pray for the night to give us a gift to silence our fright,
So when I open my eyes the kite softly lands.

I walk the kite over, watching it dance beneath the autumn night.
I wrap the string around your shaking fingers, pull the thread tight;
But in your grasp the kite fights back, its wings start to flap,
Its paper begins to crack and the knots nearly snap.

So under the autumn night you let the kite go.
Together we wave as it rises back into the glow.
The kite tilts its head as if to say goodbye;
Until dawn it shall soar under the autumn sky.

Until dawn it shall soar under the autumn sky...Copyright © 2012- Hazrul Idzwan. All rights reserved.


  1. I hope you have a brilliant week.

    To avoid any copyright issues here is the full attribution for Hazrul Idzwan's photograph:
    Hazrul Idzwan (2012) Kites at Marina Barrage, Singapore [Online] Available At:
    [Accessed: 18th March 2016].

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