Earliest Memory

Earliest Memory

“What’s your earliest memory?”

I was five years old. I was playing in a field covered in violets with my brother. We twirled and danced in the breeze. The sky was crimson, like a fire had sparked in the heavens. The soft buds made my fingers itch as I stroked them, but I didn’t mind. My brother was smiling and that mattered most.
We were in too much of a trance with nature to notice something watching us from the horizon.
The night fell and the sky turned to blood. Still we played among the violets. I spun in one complete circle and when I stopped I noticed my brother. His smile had gone. There were no tears though. He was just watching a shadow in the distance. He shivered for the last time.

“What’s your earliest memory?”
I kept silent.

My brother was smiling and that mattered most...Copyright © 2012- Bessi. All rights reserved.

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  1. I hope you have a brilliant July.

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