Magical Times Lie Ahead

Magical Times Lie Ahead

2019 has been a very tough year. I have cried lots in toilets and in the car; have felt angry, depressed and alone. I had an iron infusion in hospital due to having iron-deficiency anaemia; and witnessed the further decline of my dad, who lives with advanced progressive multiple sclerosis. We have also learnt you cannot trust everyone. It has also been emotional because my grandpa died. I also lost a good friend from secondary school, who died due to ill health at the age of twenty-five. We will never forget them.

Despite this, there have been positives and achievements throughout the year. Some of the highlights include:
       Travelling the world, including going to Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Some memorable moments include going on the rides in Tivoli Gardens in Denmark; visiting the beautiful village of Hallstatt in Austria; and taking in the breath-taking views of Mangart and Mount ┼áija in Slovenia.
        Appearing on Radio Verulam and reading pieces of poetry including ‘That’s Strength’ and ‘I Catch Stars in the Palm of My Hand’, and raising awareness of Crohn’s disease, dyspraxia, anxiety, depression and multiple sclerosis.
        Featuring in Connect Magazine talking about my tandem skydive for Crohn’s and Colitis UK and Dyspraxia Foundation I completed in June 2018; and University of Hertfordshire School of Humanities’ ‘Student Success 2019’.
        Being in contact with the brilliant charities, Crohn’s and Colitis UK and Dyspraxia Foundation.
        Spending time with family, friends and yourself including having a poker reunion up in London; playing many games of pool; and watching the latest films for instance ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.

I also learnt that it is important to never give up, that is important to stick to your principles, and to treasure those are truly your friends and family.

Resolutions for 2020
It is currently Wednesday 1st January 2020 as I write this article and the year and the decade ahead is uncertain, but also exciting. Like always there will challenges ahead, but I hope there will be many more amazing times too.

Here are some of my goals for 2020:
        To achieve something, whether that is to get my children’s novel published or to go on an adventure.
        To explore, including travelling to many countries of the world. All suggestions are welcomed.  
        To inspire others by raising awareness and sharing experiences of living with hidden disabilities and mental health conditions.
        To be kind to myself, including having the courage to say ‘no’ when I need time for myself.
        To be happy, by spending time with close friends and family, and yourself. Through this I will treasure the people who are kind.


Thank you as ever for supporting me. You are the reason I keep getting out of bed in the morning. Here is to many more magical times ahead.

Jake Borrett and his cousin, Rufus Lakin, at Mangart in Slovenia in September 2019...Copyright © 2020- Jake Borrett. All rights reserved.        

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