My Happy Place

My Happy Place
(Credo Poem dedicated to those closest to me)

As the darkness says goodbye, the light greets me.
The image reveals the place where I feel happiest.

The dreamy wind brushes against my ghostly skin as I
Walk the path, guided by the trees and the birds calling my
Name. I hear the sound of a nearby river, flowing over
The small pebbles bedded below the surface of its stream. 

Just before the river though, I see them. I see them all sitting
On a bench, just like the park benches in my previous town.
I watch them, the people dearest to me, turn towards me.
They don’t get up; I want to go to them. I want to join them.

I see they are playing a game. A game of Articulate, a game we
Had back at our other home. The five of them and an empty seat.
The empty seat, which waits for me. So I glide to them over the grass
And sit down next to those closest to me. They don’t need to talk.

I don’t need to hear them speak. I just want to stay with them but as the
Light says goodbye and the darkness greets me, I promise one day I will.

I just want to stay with them...Copyright © 2020 GN/72 Wallpaper. All rights reserved. 

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